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The Souvenir Shop

January 26, 2018

My husband had recommended one particular souvenir shop in Nerudova, Prague. Most of the Prague souvenirs he had brought back home were from that shop, that's how much he liked it. I must say, those are some of the best collectibles that we have. I fell for the hype so much that it got into my 'must go list'.

I was asked to visit Prague castle, this souvenir shop and a particular chocolate shop, in that order. The only information i had about this 'precious shop' was that it was run by an old woman. Seriously that's it! Somehow the name had slipped out of his mind. All he'd keep repeating (rather annoyingly) was "make sure you go to that shop on Nerudova street."


Once i got done with Prague castle my search for this place began. Much to my surprise, almost all shops were run by elderly women. My fruitless attempts to click a few of them  stopped after i found myself prey to their stare.


I refused to give up on my quest for discovering this shop though, but the seemingly endless pursuit had me gasping for breath. I stopped by a chocolate shop which had a beautiful outdoor seating (everything in Prague is beautiful) and got myself a comforting hot chocolate. 


A few minutes later, my phone chimed with a text message from Mr.husband. The message carried the name of the shop and a picture of it.


The shop was bang opposite the chocolate shop :) And guess what, the name of the shop on Nerudova street, the name that the husband couldn't quite recall, was actually - Nerudova. And then people wonder why marriages are such a tricky affair.










































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